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Manu Muraikanda Vasagam - Full Book English Translation - Translated by ArulValavan Ayya - Chennai
Manu Muraikanda Vasagam.

Written by Thiru Arutprakasa vallalar

English Translation - Translated by Thiru. ArulValavan Ayya - Chennai..

1.Chola Nadu:

In the whole world surrounded by the seas and among all the countries cholanadu has a specialty having riversever flowing perennial rivers irrigate the lands. Plantain groves,mango groves,jack groves,coconut groves,arecanut groves, sugarcane groves and all the cashcrops growin the fertile soil. The raretrees like ashoka, gurugathi, shenbagam,pathim grow there. There are a number of streams,brooks,tanks,pools and puddles,lakes are in many parts of the country. Beetles sing .Beautiful flowers like lotus, rose welcome them to suck the honey. Flowers like Lilly,blue and other flowers of different colors blossom there. Paddy is the main crop cultivated all around the year and harvested thrice a year.

Sithambathams,panjanatham,mathyarthasans,sambuketcharam – all these different shrines stand majesticallyin between other mansions and magnificent multi-storied buildings,learned men scholars,gentle rich people,land lords ,house lords, all live in great number. With all these the country enjoys peace,plenty and prosperity.

2.Thespecialty of thiruvaroor:

Forts surrounded by moats as deep as Netherland, very tall temples and shrines the towers of which as high as peeping into the celestial world, very thick wide and high compound walls,beautiful parks, spacious playground, wonderful swimming pools, gorgeously dressed people, Holy water fountains artificial springs the sacred water sources like Brahma Theertham and Deva Theertham which are capable of washing the sins – all those adorn the city.

The chariot stands,elephant yards,horse yards,cavalry,elephantry,infantry warriors,godowns of arms and ammunitions,royal palaces,ministers’ quarters,wide stadiums ,arenas, prayer halls, recreation clubs,court halls,charity houses,university buildings, dancing halls, preaching halls, demonstration halls, balcony buildings, large hotels, stalls, shops, marts,markets, bazaars, fairs, festival grounds, play grounds. Siddha system of medicine, research hall, meditaion hall, prayer hall, training institutions are in great number. Medical treatement was given free of cost. All these add to the beauty of the town thiruvaroor.
Skyscrapers, multi-flat marriage halls, the royal street, the Brahmins streets, the staunch saivites streets, traders street, workers colony, laborers street, the hermitages, ashrams of saints and sages, rishis and munis,siththars separate street for Thyagarajaperuman’s shrine at the center surrounded by royal family palaces. A land where everlasting rule hereditary- in short thiruvaroor was the center of attraction as a beautiful face of the mother earth.

3. The good qualities of manucholan:

Manu cholan was the descendant of solar family,renowned of all the kings, proficient in all the sixty four arts,highly educated, very compassionate to all the living beings. He had to his credit national warriors, citizens, servants. Brahmins, recited the scriptures unfailingly,honest ministers valiant warriors crushed the enemies, subjects- rich and wealthy paid the taxes regularly on the due dates. He was kind towards the poor. King waived the taxes. He had indestructible fortress. Any men can any grievance at any time.
The king predicted the future. He was so intelligent as to understand the grievances of the servants,his relative’s enemies , upper and lower caste people. He was free from desire of land, lust, lucre, devoid of anger, envy, wickedness, hypocrisy, luxury, vainness, he never dreamt of uncompassion. He was embodiment of virtue. He would get done even the seldom possible work by the capable. Before declaring the wars he would weigh the pros and cons, the time and the place, his ability and the ability of the opponent, along with his assistants’ ability. He had appointed the suitable persons in the suitable posts; he never forgot the old friends and servants.He realized the nature of the people and appreciated them irrespective of religion and race, and helped them in time of need. He adhered to the discipline and stuck to the principles of scriptures. His administration was transparent.

He considered minute misery as mountainous misery, as if he himself faced misery. In this respect he was like a mother in giving good advice. He was similar to a father in preaching and teaching, he was a guru, a preceptor in punishing the wicked and in awarding gifts to the compassionate He was God, when his subjects faced a little distress he was like an intimate friend. He rescued them from dangers, distress and despair. Our hand rushes to set right if our dress worn on the lower part of our body slips over the genitals in the same way he rushed and removed their fear and danger.

As the king shows the good path and bad path he was like eyes, subjects praise the king lavish for his timely help and infallible justice. So he was like gold and diamonds treasure.

He had wisdom as thousand eyes, the hands as karpagam tree which shed whatever we want, face as sivadhanusu, will power as vajrayudham, he wa equal to LordIndra , the head of celestial people.Righteousness, the body polity, bliss, heaven –all the four as four faces, as the king produces things in all the four aspects he is Lord Brahma, the scepter as the Goddess of treasure, the fame as milk ocean, the endless peace as sleep of yoga, as the king protects the terrestrial world as well as the celestial world by offering and ambrosia he was equal to Lord Thirumal.

Purity in thoughts, words and deeds all the three as three eyes of Lord Shiva, his adventurous nature as trident as the king is removing all the sins. He is equal to Uruthiramoorthy , the king was an ardent disciple of Lord Shiva. He was equal to the Mother Earth in forbearance and patience. As he was the embodiment of virtue righteousness he had the title ‘Manu Needhicholan’, as he was impartial.

Kalingar, kulingar, vangar, kongan, achiar, kochiyar, thengaman, konganar, thelunganar- all praised the king paying their tributes. As the king’s reign was based on compassion and wisdom, even the animals had no grievances to redress. The tiger and the cow drank the water in the same pool proceeding as intimate friends; the lion and elephant wandered together, the kites and parrots becamefriends and enjoyed. The owl and crow fly together. Thus all the animals lived as friends forgetting their hereditary enmity. The trees and grass and such other vegetation did not wither or dry or shed, all grew together without grievance; The storms , the flood, the torrential rain, catching fire, falling thunder- without any of the nature catastrophe or calamity. Gentle breeze,soft flood, seasonal rainfall all were conducive to the welfare of all the human beings and other beings. None suffered from hunger, none fell sick, none faced dangers of any kind. All lived in happiness. The four caste people – Brahmins, vaishyas, Kshatriyas and sudras lived happily according to their caste discipline. The bachelors, family men, hermits and all adhered to their disciplines and performed their duties. The saivaites, vaishnavites and orthodoxies lived according to their disciplines.

Charity of food, charity of gold, charity of cows, charity of land and the like charities, construction of temples, digging of tanks, growing groves of flowers, infrastructure for offering water to the thirsty, construction of public inns- all the charities, meditations, penance, thrice prayers for God Thyagarajaperuman and other gods festival celebrations, all have been performed without any difficulty periodically.

In the sway of King Cholan, only the flowers were plucked, and water imprisoned, only wind wandered,only stones were hard , only mango cut, only plantain hung in bunches, only beetles were addicted to liquor, only balls were kicked , only horses got tied up, only paddy.

4. Doing penance for child’s birth

When the king was thus ruling the country with his ministers and his families, he was in despair thinking of his childlessness. “I have done many alms and charities, fasting and yagam(ceremonies). But I don’t have a child. those who don’t have a child there is no use of possession of other wealth, like the child, this pleasure of ruling a country will not offer us the profit of the present birth and the next birth. There is no heir to the kingdom in the later days, the country may suffer without a king like day without the sun, a face without eyes. So there is only one way that is praying Thyagarajar,our beloved God. There is no other alternative. So long I have been praying for the welfare of public. I have not conducted any special prayer for myself and for my family. Is it right now to pray for self? Yes, God alone is the solution for the unalleviated grievance. So it is not wrong to redress our grievance to our Lord thyagarajar”. Thus he thought deeply and came to a conclusion. Then he took bath along with his queen in the tankcalled kamalalayam for washing sins and came round the temple with all reverence for five times according to the convention, then standing in front of the shrine he fell flat and prayed with flowing eyes and delightful face, chanting tongue, combing hands, ‘oh my lord, please remove my grievance of childlessness’ and returned to the palace.

5. After getting a child king celebrates the occasion:

God Thyagarajar conceded to his prayer and blessed him for a child to be born to his delight and rapture. After ten months the queen delivered a child. The servant maids conveyed the news to the king “ our queen has delivered a beautiful male child with body of your frame,your majesty’s charities as the soul, even Lord Thirumal who protects the whole world will feel ashamed .The child will definitely protect the whole world. He has such a competence. This is visible in his pretty eyes’. On hearing the sweet news from the maids the king’s happiness knew no bound. He felt so happy like a ship which has gone to a distant land had reached the harbor and like a man who was yearning for water for his thirst got ample water to his surprise. His face blossomed like a flower and his bodies swollen like a big ball. He awarded rich gifts of valuable ornaments to the maids for having conveyed this glad news. He offered to the Brahmins who were the authorities of the scriptures, donation of cows,lands,food stuff,horses elephants,gold ,etc. He granted exemption from payment of all taxes by the citizens for twelve years since that day and for the kings not to pay the tributes for seven years. He released some convicts from jail in the memory of his child birth. He arranged for special prayer in the temple on seeing his son. The child looking like the sun, he said this the blessings of God Thyagarajar and nothing else. At once he sent for the astrologers to the palace to look into the future of the prince. As the child was born by the blessings of God he named him as VeedhiVidangan as this is one of the names of Lord Thyagarjar.

6. Putting him in school:

Veedhividangan the prince was fast growing as a luxurious man in the palace of the king and queen the maids and royal families. He attained the age of five. In the seventh year they conveyed the news of his birth to all the surrounding countries. The city was decorated; the celebration hall was adorned with nine costly gems, sapphire, pearl,diamond,gold, etc.The veteran Brahmins were summoned for reciting the four scriptures, saints and sages for blessing him , all the kings who paid tribute to the king and royal family and friends and invited for the celebrations enjoyment. Young girls were arranged for dancing in the hall, orchestra party for playing the different kinds of musical instruments, bulbul dhara, kinnaram, moorsing, harmonium, shennoy, fiddle and other musical instruments made of leather, strings, nerves, mrudangam , tabela. Thus VeedhiVidangan school entry was celebrated in great,manner. Soon he learnt the entire lesson. He was taught the four scriptures, ancient mythology like Ramayanam, Mahabharatam and ancient epics like silapathikaram and manimekalai. The Hindu scriptures like Bhagavath Gita and Thirukural. He learnt all these very quickly and became eight times greater than the teacher himself. Then in the appropriate age of twelve the prince was given training in mounting of elephant, horses, the art of archery and sword fight Indrajalam and Mahendrajalam well.

He had all the knowledge like wise man handsome like male lion, walk as male elephant, the compassion quality like karna and karpagam tree. He had developed the other essential qualities of god fearing, compassion to all the animals, forbearance, politeness, love , fortitude, discipline, calmness and respect to others, to speak the truth even if he was to lose his life, doing only useful deeds. As soon as he saw the Brahmins and priests coming in the palace he rose up from cushion, bowing to them his head, greeting with the mouth. He possessed all these qualities and cultivated the good habits. He had conducted himself to the delight of his parents’ oath. Carrying out the instruction and advice of his mother and the orders of his father. He was so obedient to the parent and the teachers without wounding their feelings that they praised and appreciated him. Thus in this early ages he qualified himself for coronation as a successor to his father. Those who heard of his knowledge wondered and those saw him in person enjoyed.

7. Asking for permission to go to the temple and worship:

While everything was going on smoothly in this way, one day the prince approached his father the king along with his friends of the other princes of his age and the sons of the ministers, prostrated before the king in all the reverence and stood before him folded hands and closed mouth . The king was immensely pleased at the sight just like a cow saw her calf after a long number of days and as a person unexpectedly found his treasure buried deep into the earth. His heart and mind were filled with ecstasy. His hands involuntarily extended towards him and embraced him and hugged him kissed his head and caresses him and said, ‘Oh my beloved son who is born to me as a son as the result of my penance in the past birth as an ambrosia. I understand that you wanted something from me, you can express it without any hesitation’.

On hearing his father’s affectionate words “what grievance do I have to the son of a king who is ruling the three worlds establishing fame and name. I am very proud of having been born as son to you. I am longing for worshiping our famous god Thyagarajar. This is the only grievance . Kindly grant permission”. Thus asked the son.

The king said , “can there be any obstacle in worshipping our almighty lord Thyagarajar, the embodiment of ocean of compassion? Who can prevent praying the god of charity? When a son wanted to worship such a god can any father prevent? I ought to have sent you to the temple. You yourself had decided this. I feel very proud of you. A person may prevent a person who is watering a dried paddy field or giving hiding place for a man who sought shelter in danger ,giving water for thirsty person , offering food for an hungry, extending helping hands to save a person stranded in a marshy soil, going to rescue a man washed away by flood, constructing an inn for charity but nobody should prevent persons who are going for worshipping their guru, their saint and shivam for any reason. Therefore, my dear son , I permit you with pleasure. Pray for long life and return safely “. Thus the king ordered.

On hearing this the mother, “oh my pearl which I got as a reward for my charity in the last birth, oh my guru who has removed my ignorance and my husband’s sins, oh my eyes who have a great scholarship you have as a handsome as the luminous sun and a cool moon, oh my son a great genius! Oh my son born of penance by the blessings of god Thyagarajar.

8. The prince sets out along with his retinue and paraphernalia:

After getting permission from his parents, VeedhiVidangan went to the palace and sent through his servants all the necessary things to be submitted to the temple for conducting the ceremony before his arrival. The things such as different varieties of species dress of silk, jewel made of gold, diamond, etc. and the ornament to adorn the deity, ghee, fruits, milk, curd, sandal, etc. for anointing the idols. Lily, lotus, all kinds of flowers for showering under the statue, garlands for decoration. Then he took bath in a sweet warm water perfumes , wearing white silk dress and holy ash on the forehead and the suitable conventional ornaments on his arms, legs, neck, fingers, toes, ankle, waist, wrist etc taking a small stuffed with diamonds in his hands and he set out towards the shrine in his royal chariot driven by seven horses.

At the time, the ministers officers, kings, astrolegers, Brahmins, mythologists, army chief, government secretaries, friends, relatives, priests and all the diginitaries, business magnates made their way to the temple riding the different vehicles according to their status . The citizens praised the prince in their highest pitch of voice , all kinds of instruments were played , orchestra raised the sweet sound, the horses and elephants brayed in their high tone, warriors sang songs in the different tunes, beautiful young ladies danced; some married women went carrying the flower vessels in their bangled hands in front of the vehicle. Some handsome young youth dressed in luxurious dress went before the ladies announcing the arrival of the prince. Some men ran even before them as pilots to clear the path way for the prince’s chariot. All kind of musical instruments included leather instruments, hole instruments, nerve instruments, stringed instruments on the whole thirty-two kinds of instruments played in harmony which attracted the mob to join the royal procession to the temple. The bronze bells tied to the chariot made thunderous sound like ‘kaneerkaneer’. The dancing girls’ anklets produced a sound of music ‘saleersaleer’. All the streets were kept decorated with lights and flowers, and welcome curves and cutouts. All these houses, mansion, decked buildings which were on the road side were kept clean and tidy. Number of men and women were joyously looking the procession from the balconies. In total the whole town was celebrating the prince’s visit to the temple.

9. The virgins charmed by the prince.

When the prince was proceeding on the road all the women like angels of the street swarmed the chariot like the bees on the fruits, beetles on flowers, flies on the honey. There bangles on their hands slipped , tears fell, their lock of hair untied , their breasts swollen , their sarees descended all these occurred without their knowledge involuntarily as they were charmed by the prince’s youthful handsomeness and beauty and stood struck in wonder. Some of the girls exclaimed ‘Oh the prince you are eight times more handsome than kannan. I am pure virgin. Will you kindly glance at me?’ some other said, ‘Oh the prince your like beautiful picture so fun. I have not even looked at any male persons. Will you please have several intercourse with me at least once and proceed!’ Some other girls said ‘Oh king’s son you are the suitable match to me. I am also a young lady. I am yearning for your coitus. Will you be kind enough to have sex with me! Some other young women called him ‘Oh the beautiful youth I am not yet married hymen is not removed still. Won’t you look at me!

10. The men praise the prince:

In street of the city all the youth and old people alike praised the prince Ah! Ah! This son is the king of kings others sons are only sins His personality is commendable personality. Others personality is only worse calamity! His education is praisable education! All others education is more evacuation. His character is the real character! All other’s character are actors. This prince is laudable prince. All others princes are our sheer ludicrous funs! He is the jubilant hero! All other princes are only zero. His youth is admirable youths. All other youths desolate booths. The blessings from god is the blessings! All other blessings are only guessing. His parents who begot him are parents. All other parents are pair ants. Thus all men of the street praised him with hymn and song all along.

Further they commended that what penance they did? The prince in whose face shines tranquility! He looks like a male lion! His eyes are shedding compassion! Beauty is shining in his face. I longed to see him after a long time. Now the opportunity has come to me by god’s grace who made him coming in the street! I don’t know what return I can offer to God. Some others said that the king and the queen made penance and also said that he was born of the boon of God. Of course, his wonderful personality shows this. It is said that his parents the king and the queen yielded their son by rigorous penance. This prince is so brilliant in his face and he expresses his truth indeed! Compassion glitters in his eyes. He will surely protect us like his father. Thus different people were admiring the prince in different ways.

11. The young calf crushed under the wheel of prince’s chariot:

When the prince was proceeding in the chariot, some of the horses tied to the chariot were uncontrollable by fate. At that time while the mother cow was coming behind the exceedingly beautiful calf in a way proving the proverb ‘young calf doesn’t know fear, entered with the congregations of the people, jumping and leaping, without anybody’s knowledge , due to fate caught itself under the speeding wheels. With its body broken and its intestines coming out of the stomach, the calf died.

12. The young prince cries thinking of God:

In this unexpected incident of the death of young calf got crushed under the wheel in which he travelled. No sooner had the prince heard about the young calf caught under his chariot wheel than he was shocked just as a cobra heard the terrible noise of the thunder ; fell down from chariot, with unexplainable agony and fear. And finding this, I am bearing this body without leaving the life. Had I known at least a little a minute ago already, I would have not given room for it. What to do now? My good deed has now become a bad deed! What sin had I committed to commit this sin in this birth.Kulothungacholan, Thiruneerthacholan, kaverikaraicholan, Manu needhicholan, Rajendracholan, Raja sudamanicholan, Uraiyurcholan, Mamallacholan, Gangai Kanda cholan, Devarsiraimeetacholan,Marabu Kanda cholan, Yamanaivendracholan, Sundaracholan, Mei Nericholan – for all these forefathers my father has not brought any defame but I did! When I think of this I came as an axe to kill my family respect. I came as an axe to kill my family respect. I became a vajrayudham for spoiling the family reputation.

I don’t know where the calf was born and where he thought to go! He has to come here and leave away its soul. I have so much sadness! How about the cow who yielded it. How can I see my father? I am carrying in faminess. Here after by becoming subject to infamy! I don’t like to live eating and dressing. Today I shall give up my life. Thus the prince was wailing.

13. Those who surround them consoling the prince:

The minister, the anthanars and others observing the crying prince said, ‘Oh Veedhividangan you are an intelligent why are you crying like this ! What befell on you? You did not kill the calf with your hands. You did not see the calf I think so you could not prevent this. We did not observe the running calf. Becoming unconscious with wavering mind, his legs and hands trembling, heaving a sigh of anguish, sobbing the whole body perspiring prince fell down. Then recovering a little consciousness rose up his both eyes shedding tears like water flowing in the river, stood and said, ‘shivashivashankarashankara, oh shambomahadeva, oh Thyagarajaprabhu, oh Thyagarajaprabhu , I came to witness thee! Can this fate occur! I am very great sinner. Perhaps I am not eligible for worshiping Thee. I have to construe this fate for this heinous assassination. I am subject to accusation and allegation. I ought to have walked to the shrine bear footed. Without doing this I travelled a luxurious chariot, without the sense of God fearing and sincere devotion and dedication out of conceit status as a prince, I have to find fault with myself. What is the use of blaming God the embodiment of compassions! Just a fatal poison came out in this broad milky ocean. I am born to my beloved parents . I have become an unique sinner in the hierarchy of my family. I have brought an indelible infame to my family. All that I learnt all ended as story. All the knowledge became waste. All my principles are broken.

Had I known this I would not have mounted the chariot the great sin of all the sins is killing cow. The greatest sin of all the sins is killing a calf. It is one of the greatest sins Alas! Why I am bearing this body without leaving has happened out of its fate. Thus the prince was expressing in his despair. By that time some people said that by fate the calf ran towards the wheels of the chariot and got caught under the wheel and died without the knowledge of everyone there. What could you do for that? You exhausted as the high sensed calf had died what to for that? Can we cut our neck as the knife is made of gold? We do not have any infame or sin? But as you wail over the accident, we can ascertain the scriptures, experts and we shall do as the scriptures say.

14. Prince’s telling the story of his family:

Hearing all these VeedhiVidangan said looking at the ministers and others , Though you all are impartial persons knowing all the pros and cons having learnt the scriptures, taking into consideration the place and time you told the words of consolation. What moment is that wish our forefather emperor Sibhi had given refuge for a dove which fell on his lap, came flying as the hunter was chasing it. When the hunter argued with him for getting the bird from him, the emperor weighed his own body against the bird as his flesh cut out from his body was not enough equal to the bird. For the sake of sheer a bird he came forward to sacrifice his body and soul. How much of compassion would have done to the other birds such as kite. Even above this how great his compassion would have been towards young cows. I descended from such a great kings lineage. Today when I was coming in a chariot a calf came running as if someone threatened and drove towards me. Instead of giving refuge to the calf unjustly I allowed it to be crushed under the wheel. Alas! I am such a sinner! What punishment would be befalling me. You advised me to do atonement deeds. My forefathers had been ruling the land with compassion and justice. My father born in that line had been doing justice without swerving the path of justice and compassion impartially. But you have coolly discarded them all. Now you are advising me citing the scriptures, to perform cow ceremonies! Thus the prince told this with grief.

15. Consoling the prince saying it is fate:

On hearing the words of prince the Brahmins and others looking towards the prince said, ‘ Oh my prince ! we are not the type of persons who say one thing earlier and another thing later for pleasing you. It seems you have not understood us wholly in spite of your long intimacy with us. We won’t tell lie even if the whole world capsized we will speak the truth and the thing as it is. Please listen to our advice believing us.That calf driven by someone, fled towards the wheel and died out of sheer fate. That it must die in this place and on that time had been already designed and destined! Such is the calf’s fate what is the use of worrying about its death.” It is like the Brahmin of Tanjore had decamped with his looted booty, a poor so called low caste Pallan of Kumbakonam had paid for it. You are advising me “, why do you lose your life for the sake of a calf. Don’t fear for anything. You just mount the chariot”.

16. Seeking learned scholars’ advice:

Listening patiently all the advices of the priests, the prince said, “ Even when I got into the chariot my legs slipped and my left shoulder fluttered. Without paying heeds to this bad womens and without any thinking, I went ahead the fate had played its part! Shall I cry for the fate or cry for having brought shame to my parents.

Or shall I feel sorry for the death of the calf? Or for mother cow? I don’t know what to do? I have already become an infamy. What is there as despair or distress ‘completely drenched Then why cover for head? I should not trespass the words of the elders. So I climb the chariot. It is your duty to make me a philanthropist’ thus telling them the prince got into the chariot for remedial ceremonies.

17. The cow came screaming towards the calf:

After the prince had gone the cow, the mother of the dead calf visited to the spot of the dead calf jumping looked at the ghastly sight of the calf lost her stand, trembled all over the body, lost her sense. Closely looking at the distorted the body and scattered intestines of the calf, fell down on the earth unconscious and lay like a dead body. Then she slowly got upheaving a sigh of remorse coming round and round cried bitterly hertial curving. Then she smelt the body and said to herself, “ on my God! Just now I have seen my beloved son jumping hither and thither in joy and gay! I never thought such a terrible thunder would fall squarely on my head! Oh my beloved son, all my prayers, all my penance , my fasting, my worship, for your birth all have become waste. How can I live without you Oh my dear calf you have gone away leaving me on the street! I can’t bear your loss! Whom can I redress my grievance! What can I do? How beautiful you were! With a long tail, attractive eyes, wonderful face, silky skin, sweet voice! Your innocent look! How can I describe your limbs! When can I see you? Only for you I have been living so long. Now whom for I have to live?

I heard with ears many moving persons say you’re the beautiful calf all of the calves they had seen. I thought you died of accident. Now I find the wheel mark on your body which caused death. So,the prince is responsible for your death. How heartless he is! How ruthless he is! How hard hearted he is! Oh my beloved child, what sin have I committed? When you were crushed under the wheel how you might have screamed! You are lying dead on the street like an orphan. Nay you are not an orphan! I am an orphan living without you, the only love and relative! My stomach is burning! Is it not the limb that was carrying you for ten months? Thus crying the cow rolled on the ground the motionless and breathless for some time. Then she got up. Then she took a vow. I won’t spare the culprit who caused this death. I shall kill him with my sharp horns! Even the barren people will not do this. The murderer should not live in this world. If he lives he will kill other claves mercilessly. Hitherto this city had not given room for any accident. Is there no justice in this world? Are there no reasonable men in this country?

Is thereno any sensible person in this city?” Then she had decided to redress the grievance to the king? Thus coming to the conclusion the cow ran to the royal palace. She had already noticed several times the huge bronze bell kept hung at the entrance of the palace. It was meant for giving justice, if any one had any grievance, he should just toss the knob, the tongue of the bell. It would produce no sooner the king heard by the whole city Thiruvaroor! No sooner the king heard the bell’s sound than he was to come there to enquire the person and to hear the grievance. But none had turned out with any grievance until then, no bells sound was heard by the king. The cow neared the bell and tossed the bell with her horn as many times as possible until her energy exhausted and until her rage and wrath subsided.

18. The king learning the criminal act committed by his own son, prince:

On hearing the sound of the justice bell, the king Manu NeedhiCholan seated on the throne just as a glorious sage who heard the anklet sound of ladies, as a Brahmin who heard the crying noise, a truly good man who heard the crying noise, as a truly good man who heard the noise of the conflict , a deer who heard the voice of a tiger, fell down from his throne became unconscious, then after regaining consciousness rose up, his whole body trembling on, his soul weary, his tongue dried, his eye sight became dim blurred with whole body shaking came to the entrance of the palace. But he was prevented by the entrance watchman who very much terrified falling down the feet of the king, “Oh! My beloved king , a cow is tossing the justice bell with his horns” said to the king.

At once the king rushed towards the entrance and looked at the lying cow weak and tears flowing from the eyes, with fallen face and screaming allowed! He was shocked, felt very sorry, “alas! What misery befell on this innocent cow, I am like a senseless tree incapable of knowing a cow’s grievance” then he saw his minister and said mockingly your performance as ministers performance of the duty is commendable. Because of your ignorance the cow has come to redress her grievance and stunned at the ministers angrily. One of the ministers who had known the reason, unable to disclose it out of fear then thinking that of he did not reveal this matter will be revealed by someone and said that the cow was ringing the bell as her calf died crushed in the chariot wheel in which the prince travelled.

My God has blessed me to keep my subject happy! Now my scepter has bent. I have done injustice to justice! Just as an old poverty stricken person had unexpectedly got treasure of wealth, I had got my son, by shiva’s grace! I have been much happier so far. Now all these turned out into dreams. I had ambition that my son should get good education and good character . All my ambitions got fulfilled with God’s grace. He acquired education and intelligence appreciable by the scholars. He has equipped with all knowledge to become my successor to the throne. So I had been happy until a minute ago. Now I have been dreaming for his marriage and celebrate his coronation. All my dreams have now vanished like a castle in the air.

The young calf came in front of his chariot, but without looking that he had driven the horses like a blind man and had made an indelible mark in his fame. He had an inerasable stain in his name. I thought he is a God son! But Alas! He is a mad son! My pet son has turned into bad son! Instead of shining like a king’s son, he is a sin son. At least he must be a coconut, but he is a vacant nut! Instead of being like a busy and brisk and beautiful squirrel he is a peril! All my efforts have proved pain and vain. I expected him at least good person, Alas he has become a bad person! If I concur with your views and concede to your suggestions, Goddess of righteousness will flee away from me once and for all! From celestial world down to the terrestrial world people call me king of justice! I must live true to my name. but if I act according to your advice my name will be shame instead of retaining my name! I will become like an illiterate preserving a number of books! Like a blind keeping a store of mirrors! All the seven worlds will insult me. Suppose I acquit my son from the allegation of murder! I order to murder the murderer will not all world say, “this king does one thing for self and another for others! He acquits his son from the murder case and convicts another for the same murder case! If we kiss our own light will it not burn our mouth? Similarly if commit this sin it will follow me for my seven births! Now this cow is stranded and suffers without her calf. Likewise I must be stranded and suffer without my son. My son must be killed just in the same way he killed the calf, this is final.

You have been counseling me to so far in just manner. Now you are bent upon pushing me in a crater of sin! I don’t know why you are stumbling and trembling like this wavering and fevering like this. When punishing a criminal we must think other beings’ life as our own being. We must know the truth of things in whatever forms they may exist. We should not look into the figure, we must look into fact. We should think about the past deed, fate instead we must take into account only present deed. Thus the punishment is imposed, we must see it in conformity and consistence with the stipulated rules and regulations. You have been instructing me so far. They had pleasing to my ears. Now you changed that tune and say that my son is embodiment of compassion and that the calf has met its fate and that it is sufficient if I do some ceremonies which will wash away my son’s sins. You are arguing summoning only the defender without arresting the offender and producing in the court! This is like a robber pronouncing the verdict on the high way!

Oh! Oh! My good ministers! You are not the ministers of the former days. I am impelled to think that you have all come over here from somewhere, already decided to spoil me. I thought you would send me to the heaven! Alas! You have all unanimously resolved to push me in to hell! Where did you learn these words! Oh! Oh! When I think of the impartiality my heart beats frequently; my body shivers.
This like a dialogue between a fun loving king and flattery loving ministers.

King: Sugarcane is bitter!
Ministers:Yes it is bitter like bitter fruit.
King:It is not justice to kill mother.
Ministers:Sure, it is laid down in the scripture in the first chapter itself.
King:Will stone float in a flood?
Ministers:Definitely! We saw a pestle floating in water in a river.
King:Crow is white.
Ministers:We have seen many white crows yesterday.
King:Will paddy grow on rocks?
Ministers:Certainly! Why not? They will grow in thousands on rocks.
King:Can we catch the thief?
Ministers:Never! It is great sin to catch a thief.
King:Can we tell lies up to one thousand?
Ministers:Yes, we can tell lies up to five thousands according to scripture!
King:Who is to give child to a married woman?
Ministers:The same man who has given the women for marriage has right to give child to the women and not her husband.
King:Can any have sex with others’ wife?
Ministers:Yes, it’s not criminal nor an offense to have sex with other man’s wife provided it is done in camera. ‘skin to skin no sin’!
King:Can this person be hanged in his gallows?
Ministers:The culprit did not possess the required body weight to the gallows.
King:My son and my servant’s son had mutually exchanged insulting words. How to render justice in this case?

Ministers:We should put sugar into the mouth of your son and sand inot the mouth of servant’s son!
So your justice is like the justice of the above story. You are telling me words of flattery like such ministers to the fun loving king! A king must establish justice sacrificing his life if necessary. This is virtuous act of virtuous person. A king must pronounce justice like the index knob of the balance standing in the center even in the case of king’s mother, the mother queen. A king should not give room for favouritism or nepotism, in respect of rendering justice!

19. Minister’s advice to the king:

Looking at the wailing king, the ministers combing the hand said, oh! The infalliable king! We were remaining silent for we know your soft mind and sweet heart; your passion and compassion. Now it is time to guide you in the propr path. Keeping quite is not good on our part. Just kindly listen to our words. Your son is embodiment of compassion. Compassion is god. He used to walk slowly bending his head so as to guard death against insects like ants and stampede. If any ant is caught under his feet he would regret for his own actions. We have seen such scenes many times with our own eyes. So such a sympathetic and compassionate prince could not have killed by his arrogance or carelessness. There is room for such thought. Further the calf has somehow crept into the congregation unknown to the Brahmins and others who went along with him and also to us who went along with the chariot and above all the large number of people in the street. The calf had escaped from the sight of the elephant warriors, horse warriors, the pilots and thise who cleared the way. Even a cub of a lion cannot enter in the procession. But this calf who would flee away if he happened to see a man holding a stick in his hand. Crossing all the guards has neared the chariot. What murder is this? When we think of the calf we are reminded by the Indrajal and Mahendrajal. Thus only fate has caused his death, and not a person while the fact is such the prince blaming your son that he caused infame to you, are all like finding fault with an arrow leaving the man who sent it. We have not to say anything in detail, for you had learnt varities of books and you have outstanding caliber. The other kings adore you! Here and there. Kindly stop grieving, you should do atonial ceremonies for this murder that had occurred without your knowledge, with the qualified saints. This is proper.”

20. king wants to do tit for tat:

Having heard Manu Cholan sweating, angering, thrilling and throbbing all the signs and symptoms said sarcastically “Oh! Ministers!yourjustice is good! Your justice is agreeable to you alone and not to the goddess of justice! Or at least will your justice console the stranded cow who is wailing the loss of the calf? Your advice is perhaps for saving me or my son from infamy or for your own livelihood!

A king should not show any partiality for any reason like relative, attachment, affection, sympathy, anger. Ministers should not fear even if they have to face the death punishment by the king. Their duty is to tell the king the naked truth and justice .you don’t think all these. I do not know how you have swerved from the path of justice. You won’t be perturbed by anything even if the ocean had changed its position! If the sun and the moon changed their directions, you won’t be changed. You will remain undaunted, but today you are changed!

These words fell into the ears of the king like thrusting a burning fire into the bruising wound. He got agonized and anguished as if some poison had entered his head. His five senses lost their sense. He remind breathless and speechless for some few minutes. Thus by knowing the reason from his minister, some how he regained his energy. Looking at the cow often and his heart melting like a wax in the firehis eyes emitting the tears like ocean flood, said the king, “Alas! I am the cause for this cow’s distress! How did bitterly this cow would have wept with broken heart. Very often this cows would call their calves to be near them and the calves would at once come jumping towards them! Now the cow lays there mentally dead, and calf lays there physically dead! If any animal like tiger or lion attacked calf the cow would rescue them sacrificing their lives. This terrible fate had occurred to this cow! What amount of pain the calf would have suffered when crushed by the chariot wheel! Shiva, shiva! Whenever that thought flashed my mind thrills and throbs in terrible shocks. As if aamn approached a pigmy dwarf to find out the depth of the ocean, as if a person contacted ghost for obtaining a boon for child birth, as if a man went to an idol kept in the maize field and asked the wages for the work done, as if a person came near the hay for shade. Alas! This cow has approached me for reviving her dead child and so the cow has shaken the justice bell. What shall I do for this? Nobody can bring back the life once snatched by yama the God of destruction! The whole world know this fact.

Contrary to this fact which the world people have accepted a Brahmin got back his son’s life from the yama.The Brahmin has done penance and fasting for this towards God shiva who brought back the soul from yama who brought back the soul from yama and introduced it into the dead Brahmins body. Another boon who also obtained from God Shiva that the Yama should not enter into the thiruvaroor city on any reason to take anybody,s life. The boon was obtained from God Shiva by my former relatives’ king named saivacholan though not such great ability, Alas! I stand here without having a small capacity for giving life to the dead calf. My family leaders had used a herb called Sanjeevakarni to revive the dead people. Alas! I did not do penance and fast like they did. So I did not the divine herb. I am a sinner! I don’t have ability to get the herb. My forefathers would tremble from head to foot on hearing the word of death. I am born of such a parentage! Now I stand helpless to help this helpless cow and calf.

Since that day I took up the administration of the land at my hands until today, I allowed no one to suffer so far. Nobody has any grievance. All are happy by the grace of God. Then what am I to do? My bad deeds had given me mad son. What the parents had done in the previous birth-good deed or bad deed will be shared by the heir. How the seed is! So the plant is! I wanted him to become God. But he became obverted the word into dog! So as a father I am solely responsible for all my sons’ actions! As far as I know, I did not commit any sin in this birth to pass over as a legacy to my son! Perhaps I would have committed in the past births.

In the previous birth,
Did I ever wound the feeling of good!
Did I ever desert a friend in the mid way!
Did I drag an innocent to the court and spoil his honour!
Did I ever prevent a philanthropist from offering!
Did I ever create misery to intimate friends!
Did I ever enhance the house tax and thereby I looted anyone.
Did I ever cause the poor people’s belly burn!
Did I ever punish any person without compassion!
Did I ever spoil anybody’s life by conspiracy!
Did I ever aid and abet the murderer!
Did I ever tell crooked route to the robber!
Did I ever tell lie for the sake of wealth!
Did I ever betray anyone after inducing desire!
Did I ever fence the public to and fro passage!
Did I ever reduce the wage after getting work done!
Did I ever remain without looking into the face of hungry people!
Did I ever say no to the beggars!
Did I ever disclose the hiding place of an innocent!
Did I ever indulge in sex with an unchaste woman!
Did I rape a virgin under guard!
Did I ever spoil the chastity of a married woman!
Did I ever cause abortion and be happy!
Did I ever hesitate to salute preceptors!
Did I ever forget pay the teacher’s fee!
Did I ever insult any learned scholar!
Did I ever find fault in great men’s hymn!
Did I ever imprison any bird in a cage!
Did I ever tie up a calf without feeding it!
Did I ever eat meat for the growth of my body!
Did I ever sell adulterated food stuff!
Did I ever do pain to the beloved person!
Did I ever close tank of a drinking water!
Did I ever cut down the shady tree!
Did I ever ruin the field of others out of enmity!
Did I ever demolish a public inn!
Did I ever keep the temple door closed!
Did I ever scold any devotee of shiva!
Did I ever ridicule any saint doing penance!
Did I ever insult the genuine sages!
Did I ever violate the words of my father and mother!
Did I ever humiliate god out of conceit!
Did I commit any other sin other than these!
I don’t know!

Alas! I remain without digging my eyes which has seen the tear shedding eyes of the barren cow just the palmyra’s fruit dryout out of their shells?shall I not penetrate a fire brand into my ears’ come to become deaf,the ears that heard others telling, “ your son has killed an innocent young calf under the wheels of chariot” since the cow had shaken the justice bell till now my tongue has not pronounced the justice. Shall I not burn the tongue with fire? I still remain without cutting off my handswhich delay in cutting off the hands of the culprit even after detecting who heis! Shall not cut my legs with axe which remain without walking in all eight directions for reviving the dead calf! Stand still. Shall I not mutilate with the sword my body which seeing the dead body of the calf! Shall I not kill with poison my mind remaining quite without melting with sadness! Still Iremainingwithout leaving my soul! What shall do? People say that sinner has long life span! My simple soul fails to leave of my body still?

Alas! All the celestial people and this terrestrial people are praising that Manu Cholan is ruling the country most justly with God fearing. Those well praises have turned now into a hall of noises! I have not demanded such praise. So let it go! Alas! All the charities which I have kept as treasure in a treasury which I have been preserving so far all are about to leave me! Therefore if I think that I rule the land without violating the just path I myself feel humiliated In deed! How can the name my sceptre which allowed to kill a calf?

Can I call my ruling stick sceptre a rupture or stretcher or the ruling stick as measuring stick? Drawing stick? Or writing stick? Or water drawing stick? Or cutting stick or stealing stick or sweeping stick or blind man’s stick or dictating stick? Or wooden stick? Or hay stick? Or the one used to push the dead body into the pyre-as car case stick? As what stick can I name it? Further how can I call royal wheel which agreed to turn the innocent dead calf? What wheel? Can I call it a cart wheel? My watch did not save the calf from death! How can I call my watch? As a small girls watch on a maize grain field? Or the millets watch? Or as an entrance watch? I don’t know how to call it. Such a sinner I am! Other addressing as Manu is like calling a black goat as a white goat and like an inauspicious day as an auspicious day like calling a bad snake as good snake, I am ready to sacrifice all my properties my wife and son; my sceptere and throne and crown and all that I own. If anyone comes forward to reviver all and leave the country! Unfortunately there is none! Then how can I remove my despair and distress of the wailing and weeping cow! Thus he said his paraphernalia stood behind them with full and should in front of god and Thyagarajar with all respect and reverence fear and cheer as dedicated disciple he began to recall all his divine displays performed in different period and in different place for long time with the Brahmins and priests recited the scriptures and the divine hymns and the formal ceremonies as given under:

‘I’ the ego ghost,’mine’ the giant ghost’
Illusion the wicked ghost,
Lust, the desire for girls, the great ghost,
The desire for land the demon ghost,
The desire for gold the ghost of ghosts.

All these harmed me and dragged me here and there in the world. Now thou hath graced me by thy visit, but also blessed me and my cabinet my family and friends and shoed us all thy pure divine path and taught us how to reach thy lotus feet after ruling this land with compassion as the screptre!

21. A minister says the right thing to do:

Listening to all that said by the king a minister much sad at heart says oh! My king ! I bow my head! Please hear my words. All the people and the animals live happily or sadly according to their good deeds and bad deeds. After death they go to heaven or hell. People kill each other for lust land lucre. A murderer must be murdered in the same way as he murdered the other as you said. I totally agree with your view for it is laid down in the scripture. However the same scripture asys that this rule is not applicable in the case of animals. If a man kills an animal the murderer should not suffer murder. It is enough if he does some charity and ceremonies by the holy priests, for a man is superior to animal. The animals are inferior to punishment should awarded according to their status. Though my worshipful king! I completely agree with your decision, yet I partially disagree. At the same time if any animal murdered a man the animal should not be murdered. It will be sufficient if some rites are conducted by the priests. Thus says the scripturs. I just remind you of this. It si my duty to draw your attention to this part of the scripture. Violation or deviation or total rejection is an offence according to scripture!

22. King decides to lose his son:

At this the king said oh! My loyal minister! You failed to look at the ripe fruit on a tree. You look only the unripe tender fruit on a tree. Indeed! So good are your words! You speak of superiority or inferiority among the gods creations. And also you said about sins and charities: scriptures and its rules. Those rules and regulations are good for earlier scriptures in the first creation god. Perhaps you did not read the later scripture laid down by God in the second creation. We must take into the account only later scripture human race is equal to the animal race! The animals should be treated on par with men in all respects. Accordingly if a man kills an animal the killer must be killed in the same way, he killed the animal. He should not be spared or pardoned on any reason. As God dwells in all His creations we should not kill any creature. If a man kills it amounts to having killed God. So we should not see the shape and size of the body of the living beings. We must see God in them. When you kill any being you are killing God. Therefore as stipulated in the second scripture we must treat all the beings equally irrespective of shape and size, nature, feature, caste, creed, race, religion etc. A murderer should be murdered. So my son must be killed by placing him under the chariot wheel. This is my decision.

23. King orders a minister to kill the prince:

Hearing the king’s decision, another minister stood up and said oh! My beloved king! I know , the second scripture says the man should not see the inferiority or superiority say the man should not see the inferiority or superiority among all beings. If a man kills an animal the man must be killed. But the rule is applicable to the common people like me, but not to the royal family. If it is applicable, the Brahmins won’t do the work of reciting the scriptures. If you kill your son against this, you have committed offence.
At this king said, “A child is crying for milk. But you are showing a fruit in order to change the child’s mind” you said about a bye law of the scripture that law is applicable only for the lovers of the impermanent world pleasure and not for the lovers of the permanent god’s bliss. It is not said for my forefathers who were ardent lovers of shiva. If murder occurs we must give up our life. This has been written in the sacrament. Whatever law is applicable to my forefathers; the same law is applicable to me and my son. As such it is my resolve to lose my son.

At this, another minister as a fourth person intervened, “ever since the inception of this world until this moment I have not heard of anybody being killed for killing a cow or a calf. I heard only of remedy for the murder. As such your son has not killed the calf out of vengeance. How can you pass judgement and order for killing your son? If you do , so it will be contradictions t your forefather’s words and deeds. Is it not an offence? At this king said, “Oh! My minister it is like a person who did not know about conventions has come for dialogue for marriage. So you listen to me carefully. You said that my forefather’s days that such murders did not take place. When it rarely had happened they gave up their life as compensation. Apart from this during their part of the reign, they had made stringent rules about the punishment for a cow and had implemented the rule. Were they not included in me. It is my decision.

Hearing this other minister falling flatly at the feet of the king prayed, “oh the great emperor kindly don’t anger for telling the same thing again and again. Please hear our words. This cow after all is one of the five sensed animal. The calf which the cow yielded is not going to give milk as it is a male. It will be useful for plough. On the other hand, your son has six senses. He did not kill it wantedly. The world as a whole will say the murder is due is proper to do some rites, for the sin. At this the king said oh! Minister you are taking this important case lightly. You all listen to me what I am going to say. You said the cow has five senses only. Your argument is very good. If we kill an animal it is murder. If an animal killed the man it is not murder. It is fate! Good in which age, in which world, which cow has tossed the justice bell with horns knowing a justice bell, it is meant for rendering justice, the king would come out of his place and enquire about grievance and pass his judgment! Have you ever heard of it or have you ever seen anywhere?

You have seen with your own eyes in person. By her imperfect penance this cow has taken animal birth. So we must take it for granted this is not a cow an animal. It is a woman of higher family, with higher intelligence.

24. Cow is higher birth than all births:

A cow’s birth is higher than all births. For Brahma, Vishnu dwell under her horns. Holy rivers such as cauvery, at the end of the horns: shiva in the head shakthi in forehead, God subramaniam in the nose, AswaniDevar in the ears, sun and moon in the eyes, God Varuna in the tongue, saraswathi in the voice, Gandharvar in the chest, Indiran in the neck, Rutharar on the back, The sabtha(seven) angels in the genital, Lakshmi in the abdomen, Gangai in the urine, Boomadevi in the stomach, Yammunai in the dungs(excrete), the milk sea in the udders, yaganki in the belly, face, heart: the chaste women like arunthathi in the body. This is said in the Hindu Holy Book. The cow possesses and produce ,milk for anointing on the head of shiva! Moreover it is the place for holy ash. The cow’s four legs are vedas. Deeds and wisdom are eyes, Agamam and Sastras are horns, the very charity is the body and penance is walk. With all these, cow is the vehicle for the God of Gods Lord Shiva. How can we treat the cows as one of the animals having five senses? Is it proper?

You said, the calf of this cow will not give milk. It is useful only for the plough According to all the philosophies, all animals that are born at Tiruvaroor are Shiva Kanangal. So it is improper to call this calf as a male calf. We must call it shivakanam. You said my son six senses. How can he be said to have six senses as he be said to have six sense as he killed an innocent calf without any sense? You said, the death of the calf is its fate! You said some rites are enough to remove his sins. Who will give dry ginger to cure his stomach pain of one who gulped a mountain? So if we do only some ceremonies for his sins, this means you all push the prince into the hell never to return! Not only my son, but I too will fall into the hell and suffer! I will be infamy for all my life! Further my forefathers and you will have to sail in the same boat. Therefore, my son must and should suffer death. It is my final order!” so saying the king called a minister named kalavallaban and ordered him, “ Take my son and place him at the spot in the same street where the calf lay dead: climb the chariot drive it in such a way that the wheel should crush his body just as he killed the calf. At that time, other ministers, welding tears in their eyes stood as if possessed!

25. The minister kills himself:

The minister kalavallaban was shocked at hearing the words of the king as if he heard that king had ordered him to throw off a divine garland that was obtained as the gift for rigorous penance and throw a parrot to a kite for its prey, which was reared for many days as a pet, throw into the ditch the ambrosia obtained by penance! Though he was reluctant, fearing the consequence, he proceeded towards the palace to carry out his king’s order. Heaving a sigh of despair chanting sacred words Shiva Shiva, Shiva SamboSambo, oh! Am I holding the minister post only to do this sin? Hearing the word ‘murder’ I will flee away, this fate has befallen me to me a timid. If I fail to do this work I will be violating the king’s order! If I do this I will be doing injustice to the prince! What shall I do? I am in dilemma! I do not have any other go than going to fetch the prince. He ventured to proceed but his legs refused to obey him. He put one leg forward and the other leg backward! He could not walk. His mind and body going back and forth like swing. If the king gives poison I must drink it. Thus he thought: how am I to do this sin? He passed slowly. He began to walk like a person walking sleeping a mad man talks to himself, shedding tears he stepped in a place then firmly determined “why not?” get the offence! King is veedhividangan’s father; king is father to me too. So accepting his fault I must get the punishment. Then he sped up to the spot, took out the sword from its cover, put on his throat and cut it and fell down dead. Some spies noticed it. They rushed and conveyed what they saw. Oh! King! The minister kalavallaban who was like your eyes cut his throat with his sword, fell down dead.

26. King decides to die:

At this , the king as if an arrow pierced into a bruise hole on the chest, lamented and said what sin it is! Kalavallaban went off as if he consented to my orders. Then instead of obeying my orders he added more infame to me, as feeding more fuel to the burning fire and as pouring oil to the flame! He had been my body guard. He protected me night and day. Now when wailing for the ship wreck, life boat too broke into pieces! So in order to save me from death for my son he had done his duty as a body guard. When can I see my intelligent minister? All the people who heard this news of his death will say, “what is it, a great atrocity! Allowing the robber to escape accusing, a person who came there. As if leaving the widow wife, cutting the wedding lock yarn from a woman who came there to get her wage, and as if while my son who killed the calf is in the palace, the king has put all the charges on vallaban and killed him. Thus people will scold me as an injustice and ridicule me? Alas! What shall I do? What shall I do now? Oh! Thiruvaroor god! I was depending upon you for anything! Is it a pure for my fidelity! Is it fair on your part to involve me in this deplorable condition! Oh! My god! My faithful minister has gone now what is there to wail for? Now let me go and place my son under the wheel and kill him. I shall offer my soul and body to the minister. With this intention the king went to palace and ordered a servant to bring out the prince.

27. The young prince enters the murder spot:

The servant said, “our king is very just ruler. This ruler has to face a danger. Is it reasonable? Alas! How can ii approach our prince and deliver the painful message? Hesitatingly the servant entered the palace. The prince was already there in his chamber as if he had known about the message. He had learnt about the king’s decision and his punishment. So h was without worries, unmindful of this impending tragedy. At this time the servant entered and stood before him with folded hands and bowing head. The prince asked him what has brought him there. The servant stood silently with tears flowing from his eyes sobbing an throbbing just as a dumb? The prince understood that he has brought some message from the king. So he stands weeping. Oh! Watchman there no use of weeping without conveying the message. I know it. Yet tell me without grief. Heard this a servant said, “ sir how can I tell this? What shall I do! This cow which has come here and shook the justice bell and the cow has caused and cursed this country to suffer without successor, the heir to the throne! Because of this cow the king has ordered us to bring you to him. Hearing this relatives and others who were sitting with prince said, “ is it for this purpose the prince went to temple? We don’t know. This thing will take an ugly turn, so saying they wept and fell silent.

If there is no king the government cannot function. When there are no commercial people, common people cannot buy food articles; workers and labourers will not work properly. The rigid caste system will in course of time become dynamic and ultimately the entire system which ensure safety and security from the king down to the labourers will be broken and will lead to crisis! So it is better to adopt strictly what is given in the scripture.

The king who was patiently listening to the second minister simply laughed. Oh! My good minister! As if a man who pretended to come along with another for the company on the way threatened in the midway and robbed him of his property. You are threatening me. As god is existing in all the souls we must treat all the beings as equal and friends. I accepted the second scripture in respect that all the beings should be treated kindly and equally. Without understanding this you said that I will be at fault.

But one must treat equally all the beings only in respect of charges on murder. The reason is that god has given different kinds of bodies, with difference in their intellect according to their sin and charity. So removing the life from the body is unthinkable offence. When a living being dies, the dying being suffers untold agony. Further separating the soul from a body is like extracting oil from the groundnut and like crushing the sugarcane for its sweet juice. When the cane and the oil nuts are thrust into the grinder and ground and then alone the oil or juice come out. In the same way , the body is crushed; the blood and all the liquid juice come out when murdered. This agony is common for all the beings. When we learn that we will be killed our body shivers, perspires,totters, legs tire, eyes welds up and eyes, tongue, stomach all dry up, the heart beat rises and beats like drums, grief and remorse overpowers and finally fall down fainted. Our soul whirls and spins like a crow got in the mast of the ship; like beetle fell into an ocean whirl, a tiny matter caught into a storm. When they are being born their anguish is inexplicable. We don’t have power for creating a body, so much so we do not have right to cause their death. After bring born and died, they have to suffer in the hell.

Therefore in the matter of murder case we must give the punishment of murder. Accordingly my son must be killed. This is final, thus said the king.

At this, the third minister said that the scripture says that if a cow is killed, the killer must live with cows, with shaven head, wearing the cow’s skin, drinking cow’s urine, eating small quantity of salt less food once a day, fasting frequently, given away living cow for poor Brahmin and repent for his sin, for forty days. The prince’s mother who was upstair heard the weeping sound and came down. She enquired about the reason for their weeping and after knowing the reason, she fell down like a creeper without a crutch, fainted. Then regaining all her energy and consciousness oh! The great sinner fate has destroyed my boon! The bad deeds of mine hence destroyed my wealth! The wicked fact spoiled my life. My stomach which has yielded after a long number of years is burning. Alas! For the childlessness is it not proper to kill me? Thus she was narrating all her remorse and distress, beating on her chest, and mouth screaming aloud, rolling on the ground.

At that time, veedhividangan, her son said, “what is the use weeping unnecessarily? Can the creator god brahma and the others like him overcome the fate? The small house the body made up of bone flesh and blood is not permanent! Can we think it permanent? The day when we are born is the day we are dead! Thus we must think! ‘death may occur at the age of six or hundred and the plants that we born in earth will die in the same earth. Thus are the proverbs. Even lay man used to say this and know the meanings. How is it that you who are so intelligent do not know the fact why should worry for it? Saying all these out dead silence, then bowing before his father stood aloof; at once manu emperor, not looking at the face of his son, looking at mother face said, “He has became a convict of murder of calf. So he must be killed in the same way as he killed the calf. At once the prince said, “I have already decided to sacrifice my life on the day the calf was killed. Then I was waiting for your order until now”. Now the king called the killing warriers and ordered, “He is a convict; guard him carefully and place him on the street where the calf lay dead. But those warriers and ordered, “He is a convict; guard him but those warriors fearing his order took out their swords, surrounded the prince and conducted him to the spot. At the same time the king was coming back in the chariot.

Watching all this people of the city said, “though god offered all the wealth the fate has confiscated all the wealth. At the age when the prince has to enjoy the pleasure this fate prevents. Something obstructed the throat when eating the food, when the butter is formed the pot has broken, when a man began to dig a well, a ghost came out! When the prince was going to obtain boon and grace this sinful calf has come on the way. No one knows where the calf has come from! This cow has determined to destroy the family of the famous surya race! The whole country will be in a pathetic position without king and the government. What sin we had committed? We don’t know. We were happy, looking at the honourable processions. Now we are to witness a funeral procession! If we offer all our wealth to the government for the release of the prince, the king will not agree. If the son dies, then his father king will also die. Now what is the earthly use of our existence! Is there any heavenly use in our existence! Not at all! Ah Ah it seems it is better to die before the king dies. We cannot see such a king before and after! It seems god testifies us of our genuine love for him. Thus all the people were mourning at the danger of prince and the prince’s family as if it happened to them and their family!

All the celestial devas talk to each other, “there has been no king in the history of the world so justful as Manu NeedhiCholan, nor is there any one among the celestial people. Let us wait and watch what wonder has to take place.”

28. Laying the prince in the street:

With the mob saying like this the king proceeding to the street where lays the dead body of the calf, looking at the warriors ordered, Take off the dead body and keep it at a distance without any delay. On hearing this king’s order the warriors paused for moment. At once prince said to the warriors, “ why are you hesitating! I shall carry out the king’s order myself! He lay down his face and prayed God thyagarajar oh! My beloved god! I am a sinner! I killed a calf! Oh! Shivashankara! I became a great sinner having killed a young calf! I was the cause for the death of our minister kalavallaban. Where can you find such a sinner like me !the punishment what my father is to give is not equivalent to my sin! What shall I do? Once upon a time oh! My god! You have excused a young man who stood against his vicious path! In the same way kindly excuse my infame and my father’s infame. Kindly revive the dead kalavallaban my dear personal guard! Thus praying, his father and mother he prayed his deity to safeguard the fame and name of his father. Bless me to be born again as a man of wisdom and sympathy to all living beings of this earth.” Then keeping his head on the north and his legs on the south closing tightly bothhis eyes, his mind on the lotus feet of God prayed and chanted the last words, “oh! God! Take me to the shade of your golden feet” as if he is doing yoga.

29. The king driving the chariot on his son:

At the same time, the king prayed God, “ I have ventured to murder this murderer this murderer for having murdered an innocent calf according to scripture which says, ‘ murder the murderer’ I am going to kill him in the same way he killed the calf. If I have wronged or committed anything wrong, or violated the scared words, kindly pardon me. Kindly bless the sinner by causing him to take birth with all the wisdom and compassion.’ Then he drove the chariot squarely on the body of his son. The chariot crushed him to death, dragging the body to some distance. The prince thus died.

On looking at this, the celestial Devas praised, “ without looking into the sin oh! The king, you looked only at the charity. May you be blessed by God! Thus glorifying him showered flowers over the king. All the celestial orchestra instruments played with loud tune. The metropolitan people exclaimed what penance we did, to get such justful king! Alas! When can we see the good prince? , shedding tears of happiness and sadness. At once the king, in order to sacrifice his life for the death of his minister kalavallaban jumped out of the chariot.

30. God appears!:

At that time all the celestial people like srikandar, Anandasar, Kala chenjheeuruthirar, Ekadesa, Uruthirar, buddhiyatagar, Kushmandar, AdagarSadhaUruthirar, Ashta(eight) Moorthigal, NeelaLogithar, Ganagalakapalar,Aswararagavar, AshtaBairavar, VeeraBadrar, Sakradevar, Namugar, all this padha(ten Gods) moorthigal, KapaligaArasan, Budhan, VachiraDhekan, PirakiKiradasathipan, Urithiran, Purigalan, Santhan, Sayanthakan, Palavan, AdhiPalavian, Pavasathagan, MahaBalawan, Swedan, Jaya Baddran, DheeraBagu, Jalanthagan, Mega Vaganan, Sennikesan, Sadadaran, Laxmidaran, Radhan, Nandivan, Sridharan, Sowmigesan, Prasadhanapragasan, Vidhyathhiban, Eesan, SarvajjanaBalipriyan, Sambu, Vibhu, GanathiYatchun, Giriyatchan, Thilaivasanan, as Putha heads, Indivan, Sandivan, Suriyar such Devas, Vasettar, Agathiar, Pulithiar, Parasarar, vijasar – such Munivars, Kannuvar, Karukkar, Sadanandar, such rishis, Andharar, Agayavasigal, Vijayan, Vidhyadaran, Garudar, Gandhayar, Iyakkar, Kinnarar, Kripurudhar, siththar, Nirudar, Boodar, paisasar, BogaBoomiyar, Uragar, Such Kanangal, Nandi Pingisoodi, sandan, Prasantan, sanges, Kannau, vanan, Andhagan, Kumbadaran, Virubasan such pramadaKanangal, all surrounded and prayed and praised! All the musical instruments like Berigai, Mathalam, Thalam, Sangam, Sachari, Darani.

Almighty God appeared!
The lord who graces the Good arrived!
The first who burnt the Thirupuram came!
The compassion God who blesses even the bad came!
The God doing three deeds arrived!
The philanthropist appeared!
The Mahadevan arrived!
The one who is like oil in nut came!
The teacher who will grace the lovers came!
The (Lord) husband who gives bliss came!
The golden feeted who is prayed by devotees came!
The sacrifier who is praised by Devas appeared!
The three eyed God who is admired
By the three appeared here and now!

Thus raised the sweetest hymns and songs coupled with hundred kinds of instruments! Dancers danced; the royal umbrella unfolded! The royal fans fanned by conquests! The elephant faced God on one side and the six faced God on the other came a breast, the world mother Uma Devi on the right, left on the ox of divinity, God of gods Shiva himself beautifully riding appeared before the kingnd graced him, exhibited his moonlit light like smile, divine compassion overflowing and flowing like a flood increasing more and more, blessing with his gracious sight, quenching all his desires and ambitions, blessed him, “oh! My ardent disciple who had staunch belief and ocean of love in me, As it is a formality to test the disciples and devotees so as to elevate them to the higher plane of life. I observed that formality in your case too. So don’t think otherwise, nor fear of anything!” Thus he blessed and revived the calf, prince, the minister kalavallaban and blessed the country as a whole.

31. The king glorifies God:

At the very moment God had granted his grace the young calf, the prince and the minister kalavallaban all the three rose up as if they were asleep so far. The calf ran to his mother cow! The prince and the minister thanked God and prayed Him and expressed their gratitude with rapture and ecstasy. Seeing all this, the city people all exclaimed in chorus “wonder and wonderful! Wonder and wonderful indeed! Of the king justice and justful administration. Wonderful wonder of God’s grace and blessings! Some said, “ kings penance has come true”; some leapt out of pleasure returned! Some people ran off shouting” all the grievance flew away”. Yet some raised the voice, “The God whom we were praying and searching for has appeared in our very front!” youth and youth embraced each other in untold happiness and ran for twenty miles and returned! Some of the youths clapped their hands!” our worries have gone; berries we got!” some tapped at their shoulders and curved their mustache in their delight. All stood swollen mind and body in their elation. Some boys and girls stood upside down and displayed feat in suit with the elders.

Thus all the people of the city celebrated the wonderful occasion in grand manner as if they regained the lost wealth. The king witnessed the Thiruvaroor God along with family and ministers with the naked eyes in front of them.

Oh! My god of gods bearing Ganges holy water with matted hair and a crescent moon! Wearing shining ring of gold in the pairs of ears, the suitable round holy sandal powder at the center of the forehead, having shining eyes of compassion, luminous face, blessing mouth coral color lips attracting sight, enticing look alluring style, charming broad chest the black throat which saved the celestial people, mountain like elevated shoulders, one hand with dotted deer and other glowing fire sweet leg adorned with anklet gracious feet allowing the devotees t surrender, garlanded neck, beautiful bulb like nose glittering holy arm all over the gold body! I don’t know how to depict and describe your divine self! So weeping the king with tears gushing out inexhaustibly from his eyes like a natural fountains, his heart and mind melting like an iron melting in the ironsmith’s furnace, his reciting the five divine letters, fell down flatly at the golden feet of god and began to praise him. Oh! My dearest God of Thiruvaroor thou art exhibiting, thy divine body to be seen for the sake of this slave. Thy meanest disciple so easily! Still three Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Indra are waiting to witness the divine light body! Thou have now showed a body to this jot! I never dreamt that I can witness Thee in person in my life! Thou art so compassionate as to exhibit thy self how I can praise Thy compassion how I can adorn thy kidness! So far I have trusted this false world as a real world false properties as real properties, impermanent world as a permanent one! Thou hath opened my souring eyes and brightened them with Thy blessings. Now I find the world and the worldly things all utter false, all dark like hell! All my kith and kin like filth and silt!

All the ghosts of desires joined together were pulling and pushing me hither and thither day in day out! Now Thou has graced me to witness Thee with my naked eye in my very front and removed all my distress and despairand replenished with bliss. Oh! My God! My lord- my father! My mother! My teacher! My good God! My god of my family! Oh! My life and soul for my life and soul! My wisdom of wisdom! All the four scriptures are still searching for Thee to have a glance! How can I the meanest of the meanest inanimate slave, praise thee and admire Thy glory! What return can I! offer for Thy generosity for Thy blessings to this cow and calf except making myself slave t them! Only today, my son has become my son!

So far I had only one son now by thy grace and blessings, I have one more son, the minister kalavallaban who sacrificed his life for the sake of me and my son! Now my son had turned out a new leaf. He will become Thy disciple with Thy blessings! What grievance will come hereafter! Oh! My God who bless the bliss to Thy true lovers! I have got all the boons, to revive my son, calf and my minister. Now my ecstasy is boundless! The only prayer I make unto Thee is to bless me to reach thy feet without any trouble and worries. Now thy grace extended to cub of a pig comes to my mind? So Thou should not depart from my mind and I should not depart from Thee, from Thy mind! This is my last desire. God heard the king’s desire and with all happiness and smile in his eyes and lips granted him life time. His right hand from which a beam of light comes straight to the king’s head and then spread to all others thronged there.

32. God blesses and disappears; the king enters the temple and prays.

God accepted the king’s prayers and said, “oh! King you are very loving disciple. I appreciate you. May you live with a long span of life with unfailing health, ruling the country with compassion. Then we shall grant you eternal bless with immortal life”. Then God vanished with all his divine retinue and phalanx!
Finding this the emperor Manu fell down flatly along with othersand expressed his gratefulness with his wisdom. Then he ordered a royal servant to be in charge of the cow and calf and ordered him to bring them up grazing in the royal pastures and maintain their health. Then he turned towards kalavallaban, his sincere and most obedient minister with compassion and embraced him, “oh! My good minister, you shouldered all the sins of my son! Is there any one sweet a person as you?” Thus affectionately looking at his sons said the king “oh! My dear son I acquired you for my penance. I have attained the Gods blessing and immortal bless! Is it not because of you! I had obtained all this”. Thus all proceeded to the temple conducted special ceremonies and worship, reciting Vedas chanting the five divine letters and distributing food to the poor, handicapped and devotees and disciples regardless of their status. The king then showed his loving son to his dear mother who hugged and caressed with tears of ecstasy flowing in her eyes. Then the king reached the palace and was administering the country according to scriptures!


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