A PDF of the English Translation of Gnana Sariyai!

Dear Devotees, Best Greetings!

Gnana sariyai of ThiruArutpa Aram ThriuMurai (The Revelation for Liberation of Sixth Divine Volume of Sacred Songs) has been written in the Tamil Language by The Great Tamil Munificent of Nineteenth Century, His Holiness the infinite-Grace-Light Vallalar, and which consists of 28 splendid sacred songs of divine revelations, and that has the noble/moral foundation for THIS WORLD HOLY INTERFAITH MOVEMENT, essentially unifying all of the religions of this world. These 28 sacred songs crystal clearly answer the following questions of this great human world that has been searching for their right answers, since its origin.

Who is God?
Where He resides in?
How to reach/see HIM?
How to adore Him?
What to ask Him?
What is the name of His Spiritual Path?
What is the purpose of His Spiritual Path?
What are the boons gained by His Holiness the Infinite-Grace-Light Vallalar from the Almighty God?
How to conquer the imminent Death?
How to attain Physically Deathless, and Spiritually Blissful Everlasting Divine Life?

All Possible, Exalt His Grace Only!

இக்குழவியின் விண்ணப்பம் / This Child's Invocation

குற்றம் புரிதல் எனக்கியல்பே குணமாக் கொள்ளல் உனக்கியல்பே
சிற்றம் பலவா இனிச்சிறியேன் செப்பும் முகமன் யாதுளது
தெற்றென் றடியேன் சிந்தைதனைத் தெளிவித் தச்சந் துயர்தீர்த்தே
இற்றைப் பொழுதே அருட்சோதி ஈக தருணம் இதுவாமே.

English Translation

My nature is to commit mistake, but bearing it as merit is yours
Oh, my Lord of Sanctum, what else this child could say o'er this
Right away, by ridding this slave's delusion, fear and sufferings,
Today itself, bestow me with Grace-Light! This is the right time!

அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி
Vast Grace-Light Vast Grace-Light

தனிப்பெருங்கருணை அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி
Unique Immense Grace Vast Grace-Light

எல்லா உயிர்களும் இன்புற்று வாழ்க!
Let all Living beings live blissfully!

வள்ளல் மலரடி வாழ்க! வாழ்கவே!
Let The Flower-Feet of The Giver live forever!

Sanctum Sanctorum

அன்பன் துரை