May Arutperunjyothi Andavar bless Anitha with Rebirth to serve souls as a Great Doctor, and be blessed forever!

அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி
தனிப்பெருங்கருணை அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி

Dear Friends, Best Greetings! Live blissfully with all wealth forever!

All the efforts taken so far to solve our world’s problems through education, or through religion, and even through spirituality haven’t worked well as we expected. Since, the problems by nature are deep-rooted in our inmost-self - the soul. We know our world education eventually produces wealthy individuals, and those individuals naturally turn to be materialistic only. And then, a religion; we know a religion makes a person become strongly attached to a particular belief system or to a faith only. And hence, both educated and religious folks cannot help us repair our prevailing world problems, since they are the main causes for our prevailing world problems. What I mean here is that both materialism and belief system are the major causes for our current world problems.

On the contrary, regardless of religions or nations, all spiritual people naturally tend to be too much detached by themselves. And hence, they don’t like to involve in our external world activities, since they habitually hanker after their ultimate destiny known as ‘the Moksha – the Eternal Samadhi’, or ‘the Nirvana – the Liberation’, and therefore, they also cannot help us solve our social issues.

Therefore, today we are all really in need of a new set of noble people - just like a lotus, which is neither attached nor detached in water; and that kind of great peoples are the Pure Sanmargies. We need them more and more in the field of Science and Technology, Education and Administrations, and so on; and they only can actively and compassionately take part in all jobs that help create peace, prosperity and progress for all of us across this globe.

Yes. A pure sanmargi is a true follower of Vallalar, and who is a selfless high compassionate Truth Seeker with pure scientific attitude, and lives through Only One Almighty – ArutPerumJothi Andavar, beyond religions. As per Vallalar ‘ArutPerumJothi Andavar’ is the Almighty of Vast Grace-Light, who is the personification of Boundelss Almighty-Grace, The Limitless Awareness or the All-Knowing, All-Powerful, and All-Merciful, and so on.

And, as per Vallalar, a pure Sanmargi stays focused positively on the Inward Learning for achieving his/her physical immortality and godliness, by transparently demonstrating interfaith among religions, oneness and love for all living beings, care for creations, regardless of no matter what; not only through loving and caring words, but also through pure and kind thoughts, and through selfless deeds to achieve comfort, peace and bliss for all sentient beings forever.

Therefore, it is good for us to produce bountiful pure Summargies across the globe. Yes! Then, how to do it? Well. That is what, we are all here today connected by His Grace; and, with that great hope, if we all think of doing, at least, one good thing for our one close neighbor regardless of any difference, then we will be the true winner, in accomplishing the great mission of our precious human birth!

In short, at least, let us help our own kids develop their selfless pure compassion and love for all living beings, and develop their scientific attitudes and understanding of the nature in and around us to achieve the pure goal of the Vallalar’s Greater Grace Path, called Suddha Sanmargam or The Pure Path of Nature Truth.

Today, there are high compassionate spiritual groups spread out all over the world who practice and preach the precepts of Vallalar so that we could help craft a beautiful world for our kids in future regardless of any known or unknown differences among us. May the Almighty bless them with all wealth abundantly, and with their eternal blissful greater life!

And, May Almighty Arutperunjyothi Andavar bless Anitha's Soul with eternal peace, and with Human-Rebirth to fulfill her prime dream to serve all souls as a Great Doctor, and be blessed forever!

And, May Almighty Arutperunjyothi Andavar bless us with the True Knowledge that we are limitless and eternally blissful, and thus, we are all immeasurably precious than our momentary material pleasure or pressure!

Let all living beings gain Grace-Bliss!
Let the Grace-Feet reign Grace-Rule!

Vast Grace-Light Vast Grace-Light
Unique Immense Grace Vast Grace-Light

All are Possible with Almighty, I swear
Exalt HIM in the Sanctum only
Sanctum Sanctorum

With Immense Prayers for Selvi Anitha's Soul,
Anban Durai Sathanan