J Hilton
“Vallalar Maraivu, siddiya maranama?” By Judge Balaramaiah

In a post from a while back on this site (link: https://www.vallalarspace.org/UnisoulUniverse/c/V000002447B)

it was explained that there has been some controversy over the attainment of deathlessness by Ramalinga Vallalar.

In the book titled "Vallalar Maraivu, siddiya Maranama?", judge Balaramaiah explained his doubts about Ramaling'a attainment, with citation from Maraimalai Adigal, a famous freedoms fighter and devotee of Vallalar.

Naturally, given that these two men were originally very close followers of Vallalar, it leads one to wonder why they were dubious about his attainment. I do not make this post because I wish to defame Vallalar in any way, I too am deeply inspired and moved by his teachings. 

But, having said that, I think it is very very important in the journey of sprituality to have an undying loyalty to the truth. I wish to ask the readers of this site whether any of you are familiar with this book by Balaramaiah, or this line of controversy, and whether any of you perhaps have a copy of the book. I think it is always best to let both sides explain their perspective and then to allow each individual to draw his or her own conclusions. 

and please keep in mind, these questions do not come from an atheistic doubting Tom -- but from a genuine devotee.